Moving Floors

Customer demand is still driving the expansion of the moving floor fleet, we currently run 17 and fully expect this to increase in the near future. We run a mixture of STAS and Knapen trailers both built to the highest standards with proven reliability. These vehicles are capable of carrying up to 110 cubic metres of low density material such as decorative bark, woodchip and household waste. Two trailers are TASCC registered giving our customers peace of mind that we can carry a variety of material including sugar beet pellets and other food chain related products.

How do they work?

The moving floor is divided into a number of aluminium slats of which every third slat is interconnected. A hydraulic drive powers the slats which in return moves the floor short distances forwards and backwards. When all the slats move at the same time, the load will move in the same direction as the floor’s movements and the contents of the load will be delivered. Moving floor trailers eliminate the risks that standard tippers have to be cautious of on a daily basis whilst tipping, such as colliding with overhead obstructing cables and the risk of the truck tipping over when unloading on uneven ground.